Celine Banks- June 6, 2020

11:30 P.M.

The room is cold even though the newborn morning sun is streaming in. My tears from last night feel frozen to my face as I push off my comforter. I'm leaving today, I remind myself for the thousandth time. I fell asleep last night, thinking of ways of to get out of leaving. None made sense, no, none would work. Now I'm slipping into the gentle blanket of acknowledgement that I'll be forced to go, even if Mother and Father wouldn't have wanted me to, and it isn't comforting or warm. I know that I need to accept it, what's to happen, how Maria and I will be together again against Mother's and Father's last wishes.  I, of course, love my sister, but this can't happen because I love her. It can't. And I'll do anything to stop it from happening.